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A few weeks ago, I discussed secret cameras, in particular “a camcorder disguised as a car key.

Today, the British Telecoms regulator Ofcom announced the results of its 4G telephony auction. And bang, straight-away, in my mailbox, there’s a flyer from Amazon, “NEW Version Ultra-thin Quad-band….” Coincidence? Perhaps – this is from the US Amazon store, not the UK branch. But I can’t help thinking that this is clever marketing:  Amazon had noticed my interest in phone-watches, and today is 4G is very much in the news.

This (above right) is just a screen-shot of the email; there are several screens full, I had to scroll down and down, there are 14 different 4G watches featured in this post.

I clicked on one at random, the Tw810 – 1.6 Inch Unlocked Watch Cell Phone (Java, Mp3, Mp4, Bluetooth), and read, in the list of features, “Video Recorder: Support Secret Video Recorder.”

Not just video recording capability, but secret video recording capability. I would not want to put ideas in anyone’s head, but…

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