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An article in today’s online version of Campus Technology catches my eye: “Tackling Plagiarism” by Bridget McCrea.CampusTech-p2

The article deals with Brevard Community College’s decision to adopt Turnitin as an anti-plagiarism tool. I’m pleased to see that the College realises that it is a tool, that the reports it generates do need further checking by teachers, that matches are not necessarily indicative of plagiarism.

But I am puzzled by a statement made on screen two of the article:

Other online plagiarism tools include and CopyScape, both of which help individuals determine whether the documents they are reviewing are original and/or properly cited. Cobb said BCC’s IT department worked with individual faculty members – English composition, literature, and speech instructors, in particular – to select the anti-plagiarism tool and get it set up and ready to use.

What concerns me is that (1) is not an online plagiarism tool, it is a customwritingdotcompaper mill which sells custom-written papers (guaranteed to be plagiarism-free!), while (2) the link to Copyscape does NOT take you to Copyscape but to does claim to check for text matches, but is not one to be recommended – just the opposite.

Very odd.

3 thoughts on “Boggled!

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