Breaking the spell

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I think I recall that, when Microsoft first added a spell checker to MS Word, there was outcry that it would give unfair advantage to students who could afford Word, as against those who could not, or maybe could not even afford a computer. Fears were also expressed that people would forget how to spell, that children might never learn how to spell, and, of course, claims about the inaccuracies and “lack of intelligence” of spell-checkers.

Never mind that Word was not the first word-processing software to include a spell-check.

Nowadays, we take the use of spell-checkers for granted. We no longer discuss whether their use in education is ethical; they are seen on a par with calculators – though concerns over inaccuracies and “lack of intelligence” remain.

So, in a week when I’m running late with the blog and I just want a short piece, I am delighted to come across Dissertation Writing Service. They too warn of the inaccuracy of spell-checkers. On a page headed “What Dissertation Writing Service Thinks about Spell-Checker Usage” they suggest that, although spell-checkers are highly accurate these days, when it comes to masters or doctoral theses, less than 100% accuracy is not good enough.

Trust their professional editors and proofreaders, they say.

And so one should. Given that a 27,000 word doctoral dissertation knocked out in 48 hours will set you back $5,599 – though only $3,919 if you’re a first-time customer – you’re entitled to expect perfection.

Just shield your eye from the typo in the navigation bar at the top of every page:


Oh, mustn’t forget the guarantees on the “Our Services” page:

Don not put your academic career at risk – get professionals at Dissertation Writing Service do the work for you. Place an order with us today and you will not have to struggle over your dissertation or a thesis! You will be hiring a research assistant and investing into your future!

If you have a masochistic streak, you might also take a look at the tortured English on the Terms and Conditions page.

And of course there is the usual warning, the service they provide and the dissertations  they sell are for reference purposes only; you still need to do your own work. But for the price, well, what more could you ask for?

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