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My plagiarism alert brought me a Press Release today, mint-new!

PRWeb announced: Plagiarism Removal Introduces Plagiarism Checking Services : The service ensures no project has copied content from another body of academic work.

It’s a new service… and it might even be funny if it weren’t so sad.

Plagiarism Removal is a site based in India. If it’s front-page looks familiar, that could be because it bears strong similarities with the WriteCheck website: the fonts, the layout, the icons, the buttons the colours, the intent…





One of the services which Plagiarism Removal offers is a “plagiarism check”:

We shall check your document with latest and reliable plagiarism checking software and provide you with match percentage which shall depict the extent to which your document is copied.

A simple Plagiarism Check will set you back 900 rupees (about 10.70 €uro) plus service tax for up to 10 pages / 2500 words.  Another service, Plagiarism Removal, costs 3000 rupees (35.65 €uros). A Plagiarism Check AND Plagiarism Removal costs 3500 rupees, and there are consulting services too. Whatever they are.  I was too busy wondering how the service could remove plagiarism without running a plagiarism check…

How do they remove plagiarism matches?

Our academic writers understand the point that you wish to state, read through the resources, and then rewrite using original words. (Plagiarism Removal: Removing Plagiarism)

Right, that makes it original, doesn’t it?  And then it’s not plagiarism, is it? And I do like the disclaimer:

While it is not possible to do away with such problem completely, we assure that over 70% of the plagiarised text will be treated and rewritten.





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