Getting it wrong…

The strange story of Hamilton Naki

A strange story, and a strange journey too. This post is not just Naki’s story, strange as that is.

We visit Wikipedia (and wonder if teachers who forbid its use might want to think again), touch on journalistic ethics, have a quick look at the online citation generator EasyBib, and finish at the gates of Turnitin, the software which will “check students’ work for improper citation or potential plagiarism” (Turnitin OriginalityCheck). Continue reading

Avoiding “Plagiarism Avoidance”

Try a Google search for the exact phrase [“plagiarism avoidance”] and you get about 2,880 hits.  Plus one – I’ve no doubt just added to the tally.

The exact phrase [“avoiding plagiarism”] is a little more popular: 393,000 hits.

We teach … but what do they learn?

EasyBib is a site which helps students generate Continue reading