An article in today’s online version of Campus Technology catches my eye: “Tackling Plagiarism” by Bridget McCrea.CampusTech-p2

The article deals with Brevard Community College’s decision to adopt Turnitin as an anti-plagiarism tool. I’m pleased to see that the College realises that it is a tool, that the reports it generates do need further checking by teachers, that matches are not necessarily indicative of plagiarism.

But I am puzzled by a statement made on screen two of the article: Continue reading

Watch this space…

A few weeks ago, I discussed secret cameras, in particular “a camcorder disguised as a car key.

Today, the British Telecoms regulator Ofcom announced the results of its 4G telephony auction. And bang, straight-away, in my mailbox, there’s a flyer from Amazon, “NEW Version Ultra-thin Quad-band….” Coincidence? Perhaps – this is from the US Amazon store, not the UK branch. But I can’t help thinking that this is clever marketing:  Amazon had noticed Continue reading

The key to fame?

Hyundai key

Hyundai key – a genuine car key, not the camcorder of the story!

In my Sunday newspaper, there was an advertisement for a Hyundai MC1010 Keychain Camera.

It’s described as a “mini-camcorder disguised as a car key.” There are more details in the shop’s website, though I suspect that in the website blurb, something has been lost in translation.

Given my interest in academic honesty (and dishonesty), my first thought was, could this be useful for cheating, perhaps in an exam situation? Continue reading